Hack 80. Show all accepted directives inside httpd.conf

This is like an extended help for httpd, which will display all the httpd.conf directives and the places where they are valid. For a specific directive, it tells all the possible values and where it can be used inside the httpd.conf. This can be very helpful, when you want to quickly know about a particular Apache directive.

# httpd –L

HostnameLookups (core.c)
“on” to enable, “off” to disable reverse DNS lookups, or “double” to enable double-reverse DNS lookups
Allowed in *.conf anywhere

ServerLimit (prefork.c)
Maximum value of MaxClients for this run of Apache
Allowed in *.conf only outside ,  or 

KeepAlive (http_core.c)
Whether persistent connections should be On or Off
Allowed in *.conf only outside ,  or 

LoadModule (mod_so.c)
a module name and the name of a shared object file to load it from
Allowed in *.conf only outside ,  or